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Serving Hidalgo County with the fastest and highest-rated emergency roadside assistance and towing.

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  • Roadside Assistance
  • Towing Services
  • Tire Changes
  • Mobile Auto Mechanic
  • Mobile Diesel Truck Mechanic
  • Jump Starts
  • Lock-out Service
  • Fuel Delivery (ran out of gas)
  • Light, Medium, Heavy Duty Towing

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“Definitely recommend! He is very professional and reasonably priced! He came out to change my tire even though it was after midnight, now I’ll be able to make it into work on time.”
– Crystal I. – Google 5-Star Review

“My car wouldn’t start and I posted it on Facebook and the kind person this man is helped me by calling me since I’m in Corpus Christi! He explained EVERYTHING I needed to know and I got my car running in less than 30 minutes!!! Thank you so much! I really hope people start calling you when they need help!”
– Brianna F – Google 5-Star Review

“Thank you Mr Rescue Roadside Service! I was locked out of my car at the grocery store. Thank God Mr Rescue was there to save the day. He was there quickly and I was in my car quickly. I was home putting away my groceries in no time. Thank you! ❤️🎄❤️”
– Elize S – Google 5-Star Review

Our Services

Serving all Hidalgo County with the fastest, most professional, highest-rated emergency roadside assistance and towing. We’re here to help.

Roadside Assistance on Demand

The need for emergency roadside assistance arises without warning. Every day, owners who maintain their vehicles in great operating condition still sometimes encounter unexpected problems.

For example, a tire tread may suddenly disintegrate on a busy highway. Perhaps hours earlier, another driver unknowingly ran over a scrap of sharp metal or a shard of broken glass?

These types of unwelcome auto emergencies frequently occur outside normal business hours. They often cause inconvenience, delays, and unforeseen expenses.

In the McAllen Area, motorists and businesses alike take comfort in knowing our capable firm remains available on a 24/7 basis. We furnish dependable automotive emergency roadside services.

From resolving auto lockouts to re-starting batteries, we offer a full range of essential automotive skills. We travel to the customer’s location to render assistance. Our firm invests in cutting edge equipment.

We use the expensive mobile tools required to help stranded motorists get underway again as quickly as possible.

Mobile Tire Changes

Today, auto mechanics usually attach tires tightly using power tools. While this practice enhances the safety of the public, it also frustrates motorists who find themselves unable to replace flats with spare tires in emergency situations.

Unfastening a secure lug without the correct tools may prove impossible, for example. When drivers in the McAllen Area require quick mobile tire changing services, they call upon us for reliable, rapid assistance.

Our company responds to requests for mobile tire changes rapidly. We fully appreciate the importance of addressing this type of unexpected emergency as quickly as possible. Our well-equipped technicians possess all the tools and resources we need to change a tire promptly.

If a spare tire won’t fit the vehicle for some reason, we also enjoy the capability to supply immediate towing assistance. Our customers appreciate our ability to help them solve flat tire problems without delay.


Mobile Diesel Mechanic

We supply important mobile diesel mechanic services to assist both individual truck drivers and commercial fleet managers. Most trucking companies simply cannot afford extended periods of “down time”.

Customers contact us for knowledgeable maintenance and repair services when mechanical problems arise along the road. We help reduce the costs of unforeseen roadside delays by furnishing fast emergency roadside assistance.

Customers summon us when they need roadside repair services for diesel trucks, or heavy-duty towing assistance, for example. Our technicians understand the vital importance of resolving these types of problems fast. We strive to help trucking companies address these emergencies as affordably as possible, too.

If a diesel truck requires more extensive mechanical services than a roadside mechanic can supply, we assist customers in obtaining appropriate towing services. Customers count on us to help them with a variety of mobile semi-truck repair issues. We work hard to support fleet logistical requirements.


Towing Services On Demand

From time to time, owners or authorized third parties absolutely require towing services on short notice. Contact us for friendly assistance to resolve any of these problems:

  • An accident renders a vehicle unsafe to drive and the wreckage obstructs a roadway;
  • An owner seeks towing assistance to convey a car or truck to a qualified service center;
  • A driver needs assistance extracting a vehicle from a ditch or a muddy roadway;
  • An owner needs someone to tow an old car or truck to a scrap yard;
  • Law enforcement discovers a vehicle abandoned beside a road;
  • A customer requires specialized mechanical services from a garage but cannot transport the vehicle there without towing services.

We offer exceptional tow truck services in the McAllen Area. Our firm ensures our drivers utilize appropriate safety gear to protect people and property during towing. We respond quickly to customer requests.


Experienced Lock Out/Automotive Locksmith Services

No driver welcomes the experience of becoming locked out of a car or a truck unexpectedly. Yet this problem arises with some frequency.

Particularly in the case of older model vehicles, a door or trunk lockout may cause vehicle owners inconvenience and costly delays. Contact us for dependable, fast assistance resolving auto lockouts in the McAllen Area.

Our company offers help opening doors or trunks after accidents, for instance. Sometimes a fender bender causes a vehicle door to jam or to fail to close. It may even prevent the door from unlocking at all. In many cases, our knowledgeable roadside assistance helps resolve this type of issue quickly.

Our company sometimes helps drivers avoid the cost of expending money to convey damaged vehicles to garages or automotive service centers merely to obtain locksmith services. We help unlock doors for stranded drivers in driveways, parking lots, and beside roads.


Rapid Vehicle Jump Starts

Battery malfunctions sometimes arise without warning. In this situation, a driver may encounter inconvenience and embarrassing delays. We specialize in re-starting dead batteries for auto and truck owners. Our company possesses sophisticated equipment to help revive batteries to assist stranded drivers.

In some cases, we help customers by installing new batteries upon request. Our McAllen towing company travels to a driver’s location to provide this type of timely assistance. We sometimes help fleet managers avoid hours of delay by furnishing battery services, for example.

Re-starting a dead battery or installing a new one correctly proves challenging for drivers in certain situations. Our technicians understand the importance of matching a battery correctly to the make and model of the vehicle. We adhere to safety guidelines whenever we offer this type of automotive assistance.


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In the McAllen Area, motorists rely upon Mr. Rescue Roadside Service LLC. We offer a full range of essential roadside emergency services. Our company welcomes new customers. We furnish both mobile semi-truck repair assistance and a variety of other common in-demand vehicle services requested by auto and truck drivers.

Today, motorists sometimes encounter unforeseen automotive emergencies requiring the skills of a well-equipped roadside towing service. From tire or battery problems to towing emergencies to auto lockouts, these problems cause distress to drivers. Our customers gain greater peace of mind knowing they can count on our superb assistance. We’ve developed a successful track record of responsible, courteous service in this community.

Consider bookmarking our website on a phone or other mobile device now. The next time an automotive emergency arises in the vicinity of McAllen, Texas, simply contact us to receive fast, courteous help. We charge competitive rates. Our firm strives to maintain high standards of professionalism. We’ve made a commitment to aid our customers by investing in high quality tools and equipment. Contact us with confidence to obtain dependable McAllen roadside assistance!

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